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Data Feed Options
Penguin Random House LLC provides a variety of data feeds for the B2B partners we work with to create and sell our books.

We have 3 different types of data that are available weekly:

  • Bibliographic data in ONIX 2.1
  • Descriptive data (text excerpts, author bios, etc.) in ONIX 2.1
  • Cover image jpg files

For Print Onix 2.1 Only: we can either push feeds to your FTP server or you can pick them up from our FTP server. We find that these feeds cover the needs of most of our B2B customers. Below are some details about each of the feeds and attached are sample files and our ONIX 2.1 implementation guide.

We provide separate eBook ONIX feeds to those customers who require them. If you are interested in selling our eBook content, please send an email to

All ONIX 2.1 feeds are zipped and sent out weekly on Sundays. Both a full feed and a delta feed (containing only the records that changed during the course of the previous week) are available weekly, but after you've ingested a full feed once, you can update it by taking only the deltas.

Cover Images:
Cover feeds are deltas of all new covers generated during the week and are sent out early on Monday mornings. Cover images are sent in zipped batches as 700dpi, RGB jpg files named by a 13-digit ISBN. Starting February 9, 2015, there will be a Penguin cover image zipped file, as well as the usual Random House zipped file. Customers will have to download both. There are 4 sample files included for your review. The file name will begin with "RH_Cover_Image" or "PG_Cover_Image".

Getting backlist:
If you would like to populate a new catalog, we recommend starting with a full ONIX feed. To acquire our entire catalog of covers, please contact us at the email listed below.

To begin receiving feeds, please provide us the following information:

  • What is the name of your company?
  • What feeds are you interested in?
    • ONIX Print Books
    • ONIX eBooks
    • ONIX Downloadable Audiobooks
    • Covers
  • Do you want a one-time backlist update?
  • Will we be pushing data to you or posting it for you to pick up?
  • If we are pushing data, what is your FTP information?
  • Who is the business contact at your company?
  • Who is the technical contact at your company?
  • Should both of these people get the e-mails we send when the ONIX feeds are available and other notices?
  • How will you be using our feeds?

Send emails to

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