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Digital Files for Booksellers
There are two ways that you can get digital content pertaining to Penguin Random House, Inc. titles -- via the public view of our SMART Archive called "SMARTpublic" (the Penguin Random House site we've created where you can download digital files for a variety of marketing materials), and the site (where you can copy selected catalog materials found anywhere on the site). See information below about accessing all digital content from these two locations:

Download digital files from SMART public
Click here ( to download the files most often requested by booksellers, including:

  • Cover images
  • Interior Page Spreads
  • BASIC Data Files
  • Catalog PDF files

Download guidelines:
This site will allow you to pick and choose what files you want to download. You can even convert the image files you find to the size, resolution and format appropriate for your project. The author photos on this site have been cleared for your use, so go ahead and download away! If you need any help, there are extensive instructions on the site.

Copy digital content from
Go anywhere on the site ( to find the following:

  • Cover images
  • Author Interviews
  • Sample chapters
  • Reading Group guides
  • Author Bios
  • Recipes
  • Teachers' guides

Download guidelines:
Just about everything on our web sites are available for you to copy and use in promoting Penguin Random House titles to your customers. If it's here, it's free, it's easy!

Here are the rules: 1) Any copyright information that accompanies the content on our site must accompany that content wherever you use it (for example, you must use the copyright lines that appear at the end of excerpts); 2) The content cannot be resold--remember, this is just for promoting the sales of the books themselves; and 3) Content cannot be altered.

You should also feel free to use any of our descriptive copy, and, in this case, you can feel free to either copy word-for-word, or to rewrite to add your own personal touch.

The only content we ask you not to copy is the author photos that are on this site. The only author photos authorized for your use are on the SMARTpublic site (see above). You should also make note of the fact that we do link from our web site to numerous other sites which we don't own, control, or influence. So, just be sure that you are in fact still on our site (the address should start with: before you copy.

Let the clicking begin!

Jim Dale audio files for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Jim Dale, narrator of the entire Harry Potter series for Listening Library, has recorded a special message for booksellers to use in conjunction with their Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows audiobook promotions! Booksellers may download the following messages which encourage customers to preorder and pick up their copies of the unabridged audiobook in CD or cassette.

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