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Penguin Random House's Insight widget is a new way of browsing and searching pages from books in a Web browser. To get started right away, you can try out the featured "browse and search" titles on or search the Penguin Random House catalog for any of the thousands of titles now available in the program. Or to learn more about the widget, read on.

The widget is a lightweight internet application that can be easily embedded into a Web page. In its small version, at 195 x 335 pixels, it fits snugly into any website and delivers interactive book previews by allowing a user to page forward and back through the book or search for keywords in the actual text content of the book - without ever leaving the Web page.

With one click to its main screen, the small version expands to the large version in its own full-size pop-up window (600 x 700 pixels) delivering high-quality, readable preview pages, text search and a thumbnail page navigator. The large version can also be embedded in a Web page, if you'd like to feature the book front and center.

*NEW! Now the Insight Widget is available for audio as well. The audio version is a completely embeddable player that links the user to the recorded sample of the audio book made available online.


  • Widget User Guide - Click on the html or pdf link to learn how to add the Widget to your website.


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