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Film and TV rights, including Dramatic Performances
For Film, TV, and Dramatic Performance inquiries, please send an e-mail request to the appropriate division below.

For Random House, Ballantine Books, Bantam Books, Delacorte Press, Dell, Del Rey, The Dial Press, Modern Library and Spiegal & Grau contact: randomrights@penguinrandomhouse.com

For Penguin Random House Reference, RH Audio, RH Puzzles and Games, Princeton Review, Living Language, and Fodors contact: CrownFilmRights@penguinrandomhouse.com

For Crown, Harmony, and Clarkson-Potter contact: CrownFilmRights@penguinrandomhouse.com

For Knopf, Pantheon, Schocken, Doubleday, Nan A. Talese, Everyman's Library, Vintage, Anchor, and Vintage Español, please contact: knopfdoubledayrights@penguinrandomhouse.com

For Penguin Random House Children's contact: kidsfilmrights@penguinrandomhouse.com

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