PRHPS Ideas Exchange is an ongoing series of workshops, seminars, and collaborative discussions between client publishers and leaders in Penguin Random House’s sales, distribution, corporate marketing, and social media divisions. Client executives also have central roles by leading case studies, participating in panel discussions, and sharing best practices. Our events not only serve to inform clients how Penguin Random House is analyzing and mastering the changes the entire industry is experiencing, but also as a means for us to learn from some of the innovative, entrepreneurial, and creative ways our clients are adapting to the changing world.

Events focus on critical and fast-breaking opportunities for publishers such as the transition to digital, adapting to new retail patterns, direct-to-consumer marketing, and the increasing importance of library, academic, and non-traditional marketplace, among others.

Our goal is to give clients the tools and the knowledge to be even more successful. Ideas Exchange workshops are scheduled every 6-8 weeks with the flexibility for additional programming as new topics and opportunities arise. With Ideas Exchange, our clients get the highest level of interaction with each other and with premier book industry figures from within Penguin Random House and beyond.

PRHPS Ideas Exchange - Annual Client Summit