Penguin Random House Publisher Services (PRHPS) is committed to providing the highest level of sales and distribution services to independent publishers of all sizes. PRHPS provides clients with unparalleled access to information, new technologies, the industry-leading supply chain, and the benefits and reach of the Penguin Random House sales force.

The PRHPS Difference
Our state-of-the-art facilities, unrivaled expertise, and cutting edge technologies distinguish Penguin Random House Publisher Services from the competition. We provide a rare combination of large-scale efficiency and attention to detail that is critical in successfully navigating today’s increasingly complex physical and digital marketplace. Our services allow clients to significantly improve their business through minimizing fixed operating costs and capital expenditures. Our goal is to allow our clients to focus on what they do best: publish books.

As an experienced and trusted book distributor, we fulfill the unique business needs of each publisher by offering flexibility, timely feedback, and exceptional customer service. We are eager to share our extensive resources with clients in a concerted effort to foster sales growth while maximizing efficiency through each part of the supply chain. Our clients are our partners and can expect the highest standard of service and benefits from the strong relationships Penguin Random House has with its vendors and customers.

If you are a publisher interested in learning more about our services, please download our confidential questionnaire and e-mail us at

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